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Zuni coyote fetishes represent laughter, humor, and foolishness.  This sensational coyote fetish is made out of picasso marble with jet eyes by Zuni artist Brian Yatsattie.  Captivating stone with bands of colors.  This carving would be a wonderful addition to your Zuni fetish or Native American art collection.  Signed

2″ tall x 2  1/8” long x 3/4″ wide

Zuni fetishes are carvings made from various materials by the Zuni people.  Traditionally, fetishes served a ceremonial purpose for their creators and they represented animals and figures that were part of their culture.  Today, as a form of Native American Art, they are sold to collectors worldwide.  With a myriad of materials like turquoise, shell, jet, marble, serpentine, and much more, Zuni fetish carvers are able to create carvings in a style of their own.

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Delightful duo bundled with turquoise and coral.  The bear is hand carved out of sodalite with turquoise eyes.  The bird is carved out of serpentine.  Hand crafted by Zuni fetish carver, Brian Yatsattie.  Signed 1...
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Zuni Pueblo Onyx Ram Fetish by Kenric Laiwakete

Kenric Laiwakete found a magnificent piece of banded onyx to carve this ram fetish.   Vivid yellow and green colors with an inlaid turquoise heartline. The ram symbolizes a sense of self-worth. 1 ¼” tall x...
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Zuni Pueblo Picasso Marble Chameleon

Zuni fetish carver Hudson Sandy is known for his realistic carvings that show detail and precision, and this chameleon fetish is no exception. Made out of Picasso marble with inlaid turquoise eyes.   The chameleon is...
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Zuni Fetish by Kateri Sanchez Italian Marble Owl

The Owl can see what others cannot and symbolizes the essence of true wisdom. Hand carved by award winning, Zuni fetish carver Kateri Sanchez. This owl fetish was created with an amazing degree of detail...
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Leopard Marble Bear by Brian Yatsattie Zuni Fetish

The Bear represents strength, introspection, and the spiritual journey through life. Brian Yatsattie transformed this interesting specimen of Leopard Marble into a splendid bear fetish. The bear has a wonderful shape and inlaid turquoise eyes.  ...
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Brian Yatsattie has been carving for about 25 years.  He makes a variety of unique fetishes.  This impressive bear fetish is hand carved out of serpentine with turquoise eyes.  Great form and character.  Zuni bear...
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Antler Bear by Gabe Sice Zuni Fetish

The Bear symbolizes healing and strength. This handsome bear is standing upright with his hands before him. Hand carved out of antler by Zuni fetish carver Gabe Sice. A big grin on his face, this...
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Mike Yatsayte Chocolate Serpentine Corn Maiden Zuni Fetish

Handmade by Zuni fetish carver Mike Yatsayte, this Corn Maiden fetish is a gorgeous addition to your Native American art collection. The Corn Maiden is an important figure in Pueblo culture, bringing a good harvest...
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Beautifully hand carved by Brian Yatsattie.  Made out of sodalite and bundled with opal, turquoise, coral, and shell.  Wonderful form and style.  Signed 1  1/2” tall x 2  5/8” long x 1” wide Zuni fetishes...
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Zuni Pueblo Leopard Marble Owl Fetish by Brian Yatsattie

The owl is the protector of the home and represents the true essence of wisdom, where he can see what others cannot see.   Brian Yatsattie carved this fetish out of Leopard Marble with inlaid turquoise...
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